Accueil Guillaume Bard 13 December 2021
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Douville, Moffet & Associés

DMA is a Real Estate Owner, Developer and Manager primarily active in the residential rental market in the Quebec City region, but has developed, operated and owned all types of real estate assets (office, retail, industrial, subdivisions, hotels, condominiums). As of June 30th, 2023, its real estate assets held directly, in joint ventures or under development were valued at C$1.125 billion.


Douville, Moffet et Associés inc. (DMA) was incorporated in the early 1990s. Founded by Gilles Douville and Pierre Moffet, the company has been active in the real estate sector since its inception. Over the years, DMA has established itself as an industry leader by planning, executing and operating residential and commercial real estate projects in partnership with institutional and private investors.

  • Innovative development approaches
  • Market studies, investment and rental policies
  • Real estate investment analysis
  • Selection of lands to develop
  • Choice of project management method
  • Choice of production team
  • Restructuring projects in difficulty
  • Temporary and permanent financing
  • Real estate expert training
  • Mise en place de financement
  • Gestion de projets
  • Encadrement et supervision
  • Suivi du produit en rapport avec les besoins du client
  • Coordination des intervenants
  • Contrôle de qualité
  • Contrôle des coûts
  • Contrôle des échéanciers
  • Documentation de référence
  • Évaluation postérieure au projet
  • Property management
  • Contestation d’évaluation foncière
  • Stratégie de commercialisation des espaces (location et vente)
  • Réinvestissements (rénovations, recyclage, abandon)
  • Recherche de partenaires financiers et mandats de vente.

A company's vocation is defined by the activity in which its skills, and generally its commitment, are at their peak. The more specific this vocation, the more competitive the company will appear. DMA's vocation is unquestionably real estate development, nestled in the « Multi-residential high-rise high-end » sector.


The company's mission is defined in terms of products and markets. DMA's niche is real estate investment, mainly residential rental, specialized in development.